There are a lot of sustainable initiatives in various markets, all with different (underlying) aims and approaches. Sustainability is trend that is quicky developing into being the norm. But what does it actually mean for both industry and consumer and what does it entail?

GreenFoodPrint is not another meaningless sticker or covenant, it is in our DNA. GreenFoodPrint doesn’t claim to have the exact definition of sustainability. It provides a platform, using input from all partners within the value chain to determine how to become more sustainable together, driven by innovation, knowledge sharing and co-creation.

Value Chain

Instead of short-term and price driven strategies, GreenFoodPrint anticipates on the changing food retail landscape into a healthy sustainable value chain.

A sustainable value chain requires chain-innovations from all partners from grower to consumer. Our ambition is to optimize the chain through for example operation excellence, (food) safety, fair/honest buying prices in every part of the chain and knowledge sharing with all relevant partners. Understanding that each partner has individual needs and the desire to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Interactive platform

GreenFoodPrint is based on an entrepreneurial spirit, partnerships and open innovation. Equal investments and equal returns for all partners in the chain. The desire to make a difference together pays off. Sustainability saves money, creates new opportunity’s and businesses and is profitable.

Participation is based on commitment, ownership and a flexible and open dialogue between all partners involved. With all the knowledge and possibilities the network has to offer, GreenFoodPrint provides fertile ground for companies that truly want to integrate sustainability in their overall DNA.

Consumer experience

Sustainability can only work if it is fully embraced by the consumer. GreenFoodPrint aspires to find the right balance between being sustainable and delivering tasteful products for a decent price/value. Constantly keeping the end consumer and buying criteria (e.g. Health, convenience, flavor and cost) in mind. Making sure that all products within the GreenFoodPrint platform are meeting their needs.