Case Study: InterfaceFLOR

A very interesting company that completely incorporated sustainability in their business is InterfaceFLOR.

InterfaceFLOR is a company that operates within the carpet-tile industry. InterfaceFLOR started with the sustainability proces in 1986. By making ‘Mission Zero’, the name of their sustainability DNA, it an important part of their overall strategy they have been very succesfull.

They have a very clear vision about what sustainability means for the company. With Mission Zero they pursue 7 steps towords 2020, where they promise to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment. By following these steps, they have not only saved money, they have made it part of their business, with ‘closed loop’ processes and for example the Cool Carpet (climate neutral carpet)

Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand and because of their position as a market leader both within the carpet tile industry, as in the innovative company’s ranking, they are able to force their partners to meet their demands on sustainability.

They don’t keep their solutions to themselves. They invite other company’s to learn about what they have been doing and share their knowledge.

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