Strategy: Logistics & Production Process

To get a product (like fruit) from grower to consumer can be a painstaking, long and complex process. Often it comes from oversees and needs a lot of logistic to arrive on the consumers table.

During transport to the harbor fruit is packed in special boxes, to be transferred in different boxes, again, with the name of the shipping company on it. As soon as they arrive, everything is re-packed (once more) in boxes of the production company. After production they are specially packaged with the supermarket-brand on top, sent to the stores in retail’s own boxes.
Of course this is a sketch of a possible scenario but fact is that food-logistics have much room for improvement. Not just simplifying the packaging, slowing down the ship to reduce emissions, but also joining forces on transportation.

Green Foodprint wants to connect partners that can work together on logistics, by innovation in IT-possibilities such as exchanging information about routes and timing, thus shortening the chain, improving sustainability and operation excellence.

Besides combining transport, company’s can also use each others by-products and waste.
One company produces waste another company can use for the production process. Maximizing the actual use of by-products and waste reduces the depletion of resources, costs and improves efficiency.

Some facts:
- Around 600 trucks are needed to put a typically Dutch breakfast on your plate
- 28% of the Dutch road-transport concerns agriculture -products
- There are 2 glasses of fuel needed to fill one glass of orange juice
(Agrologistic Magazine)

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